Things to see and do

An adventure for the whole family

Strandingsmuseum St. George consists of four interconnected galleries, each in its own way telling the story of the shipwrecks off the West Coast. There is also a fifth gallery for special exhibitions.

Children have free admission to the Museum, which also houses an outdoor maritime playground and a café/ restaurant.

A sneak peek of the exhibition

The Dangers of Jutland’s West Coast

The North Sea is the link between North and South, the Baltic Sea and the rest of the world. In the old days, sailing in this area often involved putting your life at stake. Lack of navigational instruments and countless storms led many people from the deep blue sea to the West Coast. But the great riches that maritime trade could bring were worth the risk.

The Final Journey

Throughout time, tens of thousands of seafarers have lost their lives in shipwrecks off the West Coast of Jutland. The biggest and most disastrous shipwreck took place on the morning of Christmas Eve 1811 in the sea off Thorsminde, when two English ships of the line, the HMS St George and HMS Defence were wrecked, and almost 1,400 seamen lost their lives. In Gallery 2 you can follow the ships on their final voyage and explore the lower deck of the HMS St George with unique effects from the two ships, salvaged from the bottom of the sea.

As you leave Gallery 2 you will see the impressive rudder of the HMS St George looming above you in the biggest exhibition display case in Denmark. There is a view of the rudder from all four floors in the tower.


The North Sea has witnessed an infinite number of shipwrecks, which, while terrifying, also have an oddly enticing appeal. The people of the coast have always lived with a mixture of fear of what the sea takes away and gratitude for what it brings. Explore the cultural history of the coast.

From Gallery 3 the tour continues down below sea level.

The Unknown Shipwrecks

The sea has swallowed up many ships into oblivion. Ships that sink to the bottom become wrecks. However, even though they rest on the seabed, they do not rest in peace. Sometimes amazing things appear. Go on your own voyage of discovery below sea level and find out for yourself about the hidden treasures at the bottom of the sea.

The special exhibition "Clotsam - Seaborne Messages of Clotted Flotsam"

The ocean currents carry messages from the sea to our shores; sometimes in the form of treasure, other times in the form of marine debris.

In 2018, the Strandingsmuseum St. George will be highlighting the global problem with plastic pollution of the oceans with the special exhibition »Clotsam- Seaborne Messages of Clotted Flotsam”.

The Tower

After visiting the exhibition, you can climb the Tower for a magnificent view of the sea, the fjord and the town. Here you will gain a real sense of the sea’s grandeur and the forces of nature along the coast. Like the rest of the Museum, the Tower is handicap accessible.

Maritime Playground

In front of Strandingsmuseum St. George there is an exciting activity area for children where they can play and use their bodies to learn about shipwrecks and rescues on the West Coast.

While the children play in the playground, the parents can enjoy a cup of coffee with an unobstructed view of the playground, the North Sea and the harbour of Thorsminde.