New 2020: The Wild Sea and the Dangerous West Coast

At Strandingsmuseum St. George we share stories of dramatic shipwrecks along the perilous west coast of Denmark, and of the local population’s encounters with sailors from all over the world.

We look forward to showing you the brand new exhibition in Gallery 1:

The Wild Sea and the Dangerous West Coast

Experience the violence of the sea and the changeable weather, as if you were a sailor on the North Sea in the age of sail. How do you find your way? What do you do when the storm rages or the fog surrounds the ship? Do you shipwreck or manage to get off the coast?




The museum's evocative exhibitions  invite you to explore, listen, play and get wiser - from the top of the museumtower down to the fascinating universe of the marine archaeologists where you can play on the ocean floor – all without getting wet.

See you at Strandingsmuseum St. George!